"Quality Gens for Our Souls"

"Quality Gens for Our Souls"

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Amazon Links to some of our favorite grow items 🙂

Alight guys here is going to be some of my faves that i use for growing 🙂 links to them.. Its going to be linked to my Amazon affiliate page 🙂 Use it up 🙂 Amazing products that i really use 😉 ———————>

Use the links 🙂

Microlife Photo Plus Microbes!!! Great for all around microbes but i use these for my Veg stages and works amazing!!! Kick starts that growth like a steriod lol

Mammoth CannControl Mold, Mites, and Insects – This stuff is crazy and really works!!! this stuff i had one of the worst mold issues due to things breaking and this took care of a bad breakout in just 2 applications!!! AMAZING!!! Try it!!!

Mammoth P Microbes!!! Flowering Microbes